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Breeders Award Program

The knowledge of behaviour of each species of aquarium fish would not be complete without being able to witness their reproduction. The Breeders Award Program (BAP) is the tool at our disposal to help us face that challenge.

The main object of the BAP is to make our hobby more interesting by fostering and encouraging members to reproduce tropical fish in their home aquarium (or pond). Through the sharing of information, members will have the opportunity to attempt to breed many species of tropical fish: both the difficult and the not so difficult.

The BAP, by virtue of its hierarchical system, is a means to recognize the accomplishments of members of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg.

It should be emphasized that the BAP is not a competition, but rather an exciting way to encourage members to breed tropical fish.

A certificate of achievement shall be awarded for each successful spawn. In addition, the participant’s points will accumulate toward the BAP Awards. All BAP Awards are presented at either the Annual Holiday Party or the Year End BBQ.

For more information, contact:

BAP Chair | [email protected]