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(Revised September 2008)

SECTION 1 – Fiscal year

  1. The fiscal year of the society shall be from Sept 1st to Aug. 31st inclusive.

SECTION 2 – Membership

  1. Membership is open to anyone interested in the society's objectives as stated in the constitution.
  2. The membership chair may reject any application for membership, with approval of the executive.
  3. There shall be 2 classes of membership as defined below. Both classes shall be entitled to all privileges except as hereinafter noted.
    1. Regular Member – Any person 18 years of age and over. Regular membership will include spouses and all children living in the same residence. An adult must accompany any members under the age of 15.
      A member that is 15 to 17 years of age may attend meetings with signed parent consent.
    2. Honorary Lifetime Member– Any person who by outstanding service promotes the objectives of the society. The executive may award such memberships by a unanimous vote, excluding the person being voted upon.
  4. Any member who has not renewed their membership 60 days after expiring shall have their membership revoked.
  5. Any members whose actions are deemed detrimental to the ASW may have their membership revoked by the executive.

SECTION 3 – Election of officers

  1. At the meeting prior to the election a nominating committee shall be set up. It shall consist of 3 volunteers of the general membership.
  2. The nominating committee shall determine who is able and willing to serve in various offices and shall formulate a slate of nominees for presentation at the following meeting.
  3. Nominees for President must have served at least one year on the ASW Executive. Nominees for the remaining Officers should have served on the ASW Executive for at least one year or be a current ASW member in good standing for the previous two years.
  4. No person may be nominated for more than one office. Any member shall be entitled to nominate additional candidates for any office from the floor.
  5. Those elected to the various offices shall assume those duties and any records from the outgoing person over the July, August break.

SECTION 4 – Elected officer’s job descriptions

  1. President:
    1. Main spokesperson for the ASW
    2. Chairs both the general and executive meetings.
    3. Ensures that all chairs and committees are in place and running smoothly.
    4. Does not have a vote but will be called upon in the event of a tie.
  2. Vice Presidents:
    1. Chairs meetings in absence of the President.
    2. Main duties include; Organizing monthly programs, promotion and publicity of the ASW and ensuring that the room is set up for the general meeting.
  3. Treasurer:
    1. Maintains a complete and accurate record of the financial transactions of the ASW and makes them available to the executive.
    2. Prepares monthly and annual financial statements for the approval of the executive and the general membership.
    3. Ensures the safekeeping of the ASW’s financial assets. Ensures prompt payment for the club’s expenditures.
  4. Secretary:
    1. Documents and maintains the minutes of the executive meetings.

SECTION 5 – Finances

  1. Dues shall be set forth by the executive.
  2. All dues are payable upon joining and renewable one calendar year after that.
  3. If additional funds are needed, voluntary offerings may be taken up, or any other proper means of fund raising may be used. No per capita assessments may be made.
  4. Any member of the executive may not spend more than $20.00 on behalf of the society, except without prior approval of the executive committee. Exempt from this is the newsletter editor only for expenditures of the newsletter to a limit of $200.00.
  5. The President, Treasurer and 1 alternative executive member shall have cheque-signing authority on behalf of the ASW. Two signatures are required on all cheques.
  6. The Treasurer shall keep an accurate and adequate record of all receipts and expenditures and shall be prepared to report on the state of finances at all times. He/she shall preserve all records of finances.
  7. The books of the Treasurer shall be audited as deemed necessary by the executive.
  8. It shall be the responsibility of the Treasurer to prepare monthly and yearly financial reports and to submit them to the executive and membership at appropriate times.
  9. Non members may be charged an admittance fee.

SECTION 6 – Rules

  1. Executive meetings shall be conducted in an orderly fashion.

SECTION 7 – Amendment

  1. These by-laws may be altered only as follows:By a majority consensus of the executive committee, which has an attendance of quorum. If passed, it will then be announced at the next general meeting and subject to disapproval by a vote of less than quorum of the membership in attendance.

SECTION 8 – Awards

  1. At the discretion of the executive awards of merit may be awarded.