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June Meeting

What? ASW’s June Club Meeting

When? June 18th @ 1pm (Doors open at 12pm)

Where? Riverview Community Centre – 90 Ashland Avenue (5 minutes drive from “Confusion Corner)

Cost? Free for Members (in good standing), $5 per adult for drop-ins


Effective June 2023, members will be limited to 20 (twenty) ‘standard’ items in any one monthly auction event.   HAP and BAP table submissions are unlimited and DO NOT COUNT against their 20 ‘standard’ item limit.   The spirit of this exemption is to encourage participation in the HAP and BAP programs.

For greater clarity on the above:

(a) Seller’s Standard (up to limit of 20) items would go on the “Standard” Auction Form;

(b) Seller’s BAP (unlimited) items would go on the NEW “BAP Auction” form; and

(c) Sellers’s HAP (unlimited) items would go on the NEW “HAP Auction” form.

All items within one auction, from one same seller, should use unique auction item IDs – If seller listed 5 BAP items and 5 HAP items, those would be their ABC-01 to ABC-10 items; their standard items should now resume the seller’s numbering schema at ABC-11 and counting.

To further support the above changes, the item auction forms have been split from one original form into three forms: Standard, HAP, and BAP.    Please, DO NOT duplicate auction item # across the different forms -continue your numbering across sheets.

Standard, HAP, and BAP items will still continue to net 75% of the realized selling price to the member-seller, and 25% goes back to the club to support our activities and initiatives.  

No auction form is required for “DON” (donations) items.  Auction Chair to provide donation labels to affix to your items.  No seller ID is required on the item -just write “DON” and place items on the DONATIONS table.  100% of the realized selling price goes to support the club’s funding.

If you have any questions or concerns about these improvements, please talk to us on our “Discussion Group” on Facebook or email us at [email protected]

Next Meeting

Our next meeting is scheduled for Sunday October 20, 2019. Speaker to be announced. See you there!