Next Meeting – November 18th 2018

The Aquarium Society of Winnipeg is to thrilled to welcome the world-renowned Rachel O’Leary (a.k.a. Invertebrates by Msjinkzd!) as our guest speaker for our November monthly meeting! Due to limited space and the popularity of Rachel O’Leary, we are sorry to say that for this meeting the $5 drop-in fee will not be available. As usual, yearly memberships can be purchased. This is a great time to become a member !

Run by Rachel O’Leary, Invertabrates by Msjinkzd is located in York, Pennsylvania (United States). Rachel is a mother of three, loving wife, and an unmistakable personality at conventions and clubs around the country. A life-long fish keeper, her interests range from microfish to monsters, with a focus on invertebrates and dwarf species.

Rachel has spent the last 15 years studying invertebrate husbandry, aquascaping, and breeding practices. Rachel’s fishroom consists of 60-100 tanks ranging from 10 to 220 gallons, and her breeding program includes members of the Corydoradinae group, apistogramma, ancistrus, hypancistrus, pelvicachromis, as well as various cyprinids and livebearers as well as crabs, snails and shrimp.

A passionate educator, Rachel travels to lecture nationally and internationally for Aquarium Clubs and Conventions. She is a frequent contributor to various publications including Amazonas Magazine , The Aquatic Gardener Magazine, as well as producing twice weekly content on her YouTube Channel.

She is also the co-author of a book titled The 101 Best Freshwater Species: How to Choose & Keep Hardy, Brilliant, Fascinating Nano Fishes, Plants and Invertebrates . One of the leading importers of small fish and invertebrates in the United States, she works with dozens of dwarf shrimp, crab, fish and snail species, and is regularly bringing in new and hard to find specimens.