Speaker Announced for February Meeting! Kevin Acton on Tanks of the World!

Tanks of the World is a presentation of a number of public aquariums around North America and Europe. Kevin will walk you through a small tour of the highlights in each community and then head inside the aquariums to see the displays and video of many very cool tank setups and fish. This presentation features both freshwater and saltwater displays as is common in public aquaria. While you may not learn how to spawn or propagate a fish or plant, you will definitely add a few destinations to your bucket list of travel destinations in the future.



Kevin Acton has been keeping tropical fish and plants for well over 30 years. Kevin is a Grand Master horticulturist in the HAP program and a senior level breeder in the BAP program in Saskatoon. Kevin’s planted aquariums are beautiful and very unique in Saskatoon and home to a number of very interesting spawning successes in a large community planted aquarium. The spawns include a number of L series plecos, Corydoras catfish and many diverse cichlid species. Kevin has been very active in the Saskatoon Aquarium society for many years and has served in most executive positions with the club including President, HAP and BAP chair, Public Show chair just to name a few. Kevin had the opportunity to collect fish in Uruguay with the late Felipe Cantera in 2011 and was successful in spawning many of the fish brought back from that expedition. Kevin is definitely an enthusiastic fish nerd and a true champion of the hobby!